Feb. 26, 2022

Ep.59. / 4G Wines Bottles The Best Wine Of The Southern Hemisphere?!

Ep.59. / 4G Wines Bottles The Best Wine Of The Southern Hemisphere?!

The winery came into my radar in the fall of 2021, as I got to taste their two mesmerizing wines: the 2015 vintage of the G, the current vintage of the estate's top wine, and its little brother: the 2013 Echo of G. Well, they took my breath away! Not only the bewitching taste of the juice but the alluring presentation of the wines as well. You can read my tasting notes under my Instagram post from last September. After that, I was keen to talk to the masterminds behind this captivating venture, and so we could finally schedule this episode this January. So please enjoy our conversation with Vanessa and Philipp from the 4G Wines!

0:00 - Introduction

3:32 - The idea of the winery and what makes South Africa special

10:09 - Starting with the winery and how the best vineyards were chosen?

14:47 - Meticulous Precision & Wine Style

18:16 - Where are the parcels located & specific terroir

21:25 - Playing with Gs

24:11 - Describing the portfolio & Special Marketing Tactics

28:43 - Gesamtkunstwerk & Absolut Perfection in Packaging

34:35 - Vinification & Wine Making Techniques

40:45 - Future Plans & Distribution


| Guest: Vanessa & Philipp Axt | 4G Wines

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